Monday, April 7, 2008


Once you have signed in, you will be ready to post on the blog. I am hoping that when you are in the blog, that in the upper right hand side, there is a heading that should say "new post". If it isn't there, on the far left side next to the search option, there is the orange symbol. You can try clicking on that symbol. That sends you to the "Dashboard" which has the option for "new post".

If "new post" and "dashboard" aren't available, you will need to "sign in" again. Go to the top left hand corner of the blog and hit the orange symbol. Then sign in using, I think, your address and password. At that point you should be able to post by following the above directions.

Hopefully, this will go smoothly for each of you. Do let me know if you are having problems. Again, have fun.

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Wesley Fryer said...

I am so glad to see all of you working together on this team cooking blog! I look forward to each of your contributions, and the potential impact that may have on what we cook and eat here in our home in Oklahoma! I am willing to lend assistance as well to help your blogging effort be a success. You may already know this, but the official Blogger help page includes some good links to answer questions you may have. Most likely, in addition to adding text, the first thing you will want to do is add a LINK to another website (like a site that includes the entire recipe you are using or tweaking.) The Blogger help page "How do I make a link to another webpage?" may be a good place to learn how to do this.

Google has setup a YouTube channel that includes some help videos relating to blogger, but so far they don't have too much there.

Good luck to everyone involved in this team blog! I look forward to reading your cooking tips and using some of them in our own kitchen! :-) Please let me know if there are specific ways I can be of assistance to your blogging team.