Monday, April 7, 2008


Once you have signed in, you will be ready to post on the blog. I am hoping that when you are in the blog, that in the upper right hand side, there is a heading that should say "new post". If it isn't there, on the far left side next to the search option, there is the orange symbol. You can try clicking on that symbol. That sends you to the "Dashboard" which has the option for "new post".

If "new post" and "dashboard" aren't available, you will need to "sign in" again. Go to the top left hand corner of the blog and hit the orange symbol. Then sign in using, I think, your address and password. At that point you should be able to post by following the above directions.

Hopefully, this will go smoothly for each of you. Do let me know if you are having problems. Again, have fun.

Count Angie in!

This is a fun idea -- I look forward to lots of good ideas from good cooks!

From the April 2008 issue of Cooking Light, one or two of the halibut recipes will probably be my choices. Recently we were generously gifted with some fresh-caught Vancouver halibut. Mmmmmm! The package we still have in the freezer looks like enough for 2 dinners for the 2 of us. Will let you know soon.

Thanks for the invitation, Hildie -- & to Erica for the set-up & lessons.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


This is an invitation to get creative and healthy with our cooking. Since we all enjoy food and spending a bit of time in the kitchen, we might as well have some fun trying out new, healthy recipes. Using the Cooking Light magazine as our starting inspiration, we can select a couple of recipes during the month to try and then report on the varying successes of the results. Knowing that we are all have a creative streak, we can also share the adaptations we make to the recipes based on individual tastes or what we actually have available in the kitchen. Feel free to invite your friends who also receive the Cooking Light magazine to join in on the fun.

A couple of general guidelines. We are not to rewrite an entire recipe on the blog since that would infringe on copyright laws. Do not use first and last names on the blog since we want to protect our privacy. The last one is to have fun trying something new!